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The West Hills Ranch – Registered: Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, and Goats Raised at High - Altitude

Howdy & Welcome to the West Hills Ranch LLC

Operating since 1998

The West Hills Ranch(WHR) started running steers from 1998 – 2000, then became a commercial cow-calf operation for about 7 years, and started a Salers Seedstock program in 2008. WHR dispersed their Salers seedstock herd in February of 2018. Missing the cattle business and the folks associated with that business, Pam and Randy decided to get back into the Seedstock Business again in January of 2019. The Hruska’s plan on staying in the Seedstock Business for the next 5 – 10 years; Pam and Randy turn 67 in 2019. The WHR in Star Valley, Wyoming is for sale, however upon a sale, the WHR operation plans to continue in Wyoming, most likely in southeastern Wyoming.

On the WHR second go-around as a Seedstock Producer, a new agri-business plan is being put in place. But still keeping the Salers influenced bulls, whose genetics produce females that are amongst the finest, multiple trait cows in the beef world. While adding the heterosis of Aberdeen, Angus, Red Angus and Red Angus/Gelbvieh females; that will have the benefit of the Salers Bull’s genetics. WHR will continue to keep a strong Purebred Salers female base as well. In addition to some of the finest beef genetics, WHR will be adding Reg. A2/A2 Guernsey Dairy cattle to their breeding stock program.

The Hruska’s strongly believe in and support animals bred, born, raised, and finished, in a natural way. No growth hormones or implants, no gmo grains fed, pastured based, a very limited vaccine program, and humanely handled. Bulls are grass finished and will be be sold as long yearlings – born in April-May and sold about 20 months later. Unfortunately our first Bull Sale won’t be until Spring of 2021. We hope you will be patient with us and support our program when available. WHR will only keep and bring quality, sustainable/early calvers, docile, easy calving, and feed efficient, animals to a sale offering.

Quality – cattle are culled for structure, feet, and udders. Sustainable females are pastured exposed for only two cycles. Docile – these aren’t your 80’s Salers cattle and docility is the number one cull priority. Easy calving – the ave. birth weight E.P.D. on the 7 Salers Bulls used to start the new calf crop is .88, all seven bulls are Purebred Salers. Feed Efficient low birth weight Red Angus heifers with(-) feed efficient E.P.D.’s, Aberdeen heifers with an actual birth weight ave.of 64 lbs.with weaning weights of around 500 lbs., and low birth weight Salers heifers. W.H.R. are bringing in 10 quality Red Angus heifers from Montana, 14 Aberdeen heifers from Effertz EZ Ranch, and 16 Salers heifers from Effertz Key Ranch Bismarck/N.D., and 19 Salers heifers from TSB Salers in Dante, S.D. Cattle also came from some of the finest cattle breeders in Nebraska, Minnesota, North Dakota, Kansas, Virginia, and Missouri.

WHR is made up of about 200 acres on the lower ranch, with a mile of a good trout stream, at 6,240’ elevation with a 60 day growing season. It’s upper ranch is about 1000 acres, at 7,200’ elevation, and borders Idaho for about a mile. New to the agri-business plan of WHR is the introduction of Berkshire Registered Pigs, Boer Registered Meat Goats, and Royal White Registered Hair Sheep(Meat). Registered Berkshire Pigs, Boer Goats, and Royal White Sheep will be available For Sale as breeding stock, in the Spring of 2020. Also WHR will be selling cattle, pigs, goats, and sheep for sale delivered to the Butcher/Processing Business of your choice. More details to follow and pricing. All animals for meat processing will be grass fed, all organic feed – non-gmo, growth hormone free, pasture raised, and humanely raised and handled.