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The West Hills Ranch – Registered: Cattle, Pigs, Sheep, and Goats Raised at High - Altitude

Howdy & Welcome to the West Hills Ranch LLC

Operating since 1998

The West Hills Ranch (WHR) started in the cattle business,  spring of 1999 running yearling steers on their 700 acres of high altitude range. A 100,  500 lb. steer calves could put on 3 pounds a day on this native mountain grass. Since our start of running yearlings, by acquiring leased pastures, we have run up to 350 commercial mother cows, and then progressed to about a 200 head Salers based Seedstock Program.

We dispersed our Salers Seedstock Operation in February of 2017, due to a major change in our management situation. Over the years the WHR grew in size to about 1100 plus acres and through sound management programs and a reputation for honest business practices, we have been able to lease another 500 plus acres.

After about 18 months of missing the cattle, the culture, and the challenges of Ranching, we decided to start up again in the Seedstock business. On the second go-around, we decided to implement a different Agribusiness Plan, adding genetics of other breeds to our program. We have brought in some Registered: Red Angus, Aberdeen, and Gelbvieh/Red Angus cross females. Also considering some Hereford and Shorthorn females as well. Heterosis is a huge factor in cattle quality, performance, and breed improvement. The introduction of these new genetics, will enhance the vigor of our cattle breeding program.

With that said, the WHR still believes in the strong, desirable, and proven traits of the female Salers cattle. Some of these are: Docsility, the largest Pelvic area of any beef breed, Protective mothers, Fertility, Longevity, and Great Maternal Milk. Salers genetics are a proven, profitable, practical, and promising improvement to any cow-calf operation. WHR is raising the new American Breed of Salers Cattle, not the “80’s” Continental introduction of wild, tall, framey, Salers Cattle. We will continue using Pure Bred Salers Bulls on the vast majority of our females. Maintaining a strong offering of Pure Bred and high percentage Salers cattle in our future Spring Sales.

Due to our high altitude (6500-7200ft.), short 60 day growing season, 6-8 months of winter feeding, and sparse summer rains, we have decided on selling long yearling bulls. Our plan is to calve in 60 days, from mid April – mid June. We will keep potential Breeding Bull Calves over two winters and sell them in March when they are around 20 months old. They will not be pushed, no grain, no growth hormones, just natural, pasture/hay raised, long lasting, structural sound, virgin, ready to work bulls. Our first private treaty bull sale will be in March of 2021. We currently have 6 potential Breeding Bull Calves that we are wintering this year.

A third and new part of our cattle program will be the raising of Reg. A2/A2 Guernsey Dairy cattle. Guernsey cattle are a “Heritage” breed of dairy cattle.  We will be purchasing some bred and open heifers in the Spring of 2020 and hope to have females for sale in the Spring of 2021.

The fourth part of our Agri-business plan is the raising and selling Reg. Berkshire and Tamworth Breeding Stock swine. We are also considering the Red Wattle and Large Black  breed of swine to add to our program. All of our swine breeds will be “Heritage” breeds. A large part of our hog breed selection process has to do with other quality breeders in our area.The other major consideration is how well these other “Heritage” breeds will do at high elevation, in the intermountain west. Breeding hogs will be available in the Fall 2020.

The fifth part of our Agri-business plan  is the raising and selling of Reg. Royal White Hair Sheep breeding stock. These are primarily a meat breed of sheep and are also a “Heritage” breed of sheep. Breeding sheep will be available in the Fall of 2020.

The sixth part of our Agri-business plan is the raising and selling Reg. Boer  Goats, which are primarily a meat breed. Again a “Heritage” breed of Goats. Breeding Goats will be available in the Fall of 2020.

The seventh part of our Agri-business plan has to do with the selling of beef, pork, lamb, and chevon(goat meat) from our culled animals. Culled animals have all the flavor, tenderness, and naturalness of breeding stock, just not the demanding structure of our breeding animals. Please refer to the products for sale section for: pricing, availability, butchering options, and delivery times.

All of our animals are pasture raised, grass/hay fed, also non-gmo barley grain, limited antibiotic and insect treatments, no growth hormones, raised humanely, locally pasture bred (no A-I), born, and raised in Star Valley Wyoming. We are very selective and strict in our culling process of only keeping animals that are: #1 Docsile, #2 Structurally correct and sound, # 3 Genetically proven, and # 4 easy birthing and medium framed animals of their particular breeds.

Heritage Livestock breeds are the breeds of animals that you would have found on you great-grandparents farm/ranch, if not them then your American fore-fathers and mothers. Livestock breeds that have the “Heritage” distinction were developed long before the artificial, manufactured, technological, corporate, large scale agricultural business models of raising animals in confinement. However, selective breeding and genetic improvements have always been a practice of the Heritage breeders, but just in a natural breeding process. Heritage breed animals adapt much better to the conditions of their environment, to insect pests and disease. They also live longer, have better maternal instincts, are more self-sufficient in pastures, and remain productive with less human intervention.

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope to be able to serve YOUR Particular Seedstock needs for your beef cattle operation. With our “Heritage” breeds of: Guernsey dairy cattle, Berkshire, Tamworth and other swine breeds, Royal White Hair Sheep, and Boer Goats, we are confident, we can serve your “Heritage” protein raising program needs. Although the Salers breed of cattle is not an American “Heritage” breed, it is one of the oldest cattle breeds in the world. A continental breed that was a dual purpose milking and beef breed. We look forward to hearing from you. Ranch tours are always welcome and encouraged, just let us know when.

Pam & Randy Hruska – Owners